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Welcome to Truckee Reservations in Truckee - Tahoe Donner, CA

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Keep it simple in when searching for a vacation home in Truckee or N. Lake Tahoe. Let Truckee Reservations do the work for you, call us now to book a rental home that fits your needs and desires. Then relax and get ready to build some great Truckee Tahoe memories!



We are located in the heart of Tahoe Donner providing recreational access to the entire Truckee/Tahoe area. See our LOCAL AREA GUIDE for information regarding Truckee Tahoe hiking, biking, fishing or golf, sandy beaches, horseback riding, alpine and backcountry skiing or whatever your pleasure may be. Dine at any of the number of great Truckee Tahoe restaurants and pubs from five-star to comfortably and casual. Be sure to contact us for recommendations about attending the seasonal events. Let Truckee Reservations provide you with the ultimate Truckee Tahoe vacation or ski lease experience. From condos to castles, we will open the doors to your complete Truckee Tahoe year-round recreational access. Call Truckee Reservations first for a Truckee vacation rental, ski weekend, a day on the beach, or an exclusive retreat for any season of your choice!


Posted on 04/03/2020

Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate Market Update

Why the Stock Market Correction Probably Won’t Impact Home Values.

With the housing crash of 2006-2008 still visible in the rear-view mirror, many are concerned the current correction in the stock market is a sign that home values are also about to tumble. What’s taking place today, however, is nothing like what happened the last time. The S&P 500 did fall by over fifty percent from October 2007 to March 2009, and home values did depreciate in 2007, 2008, and 2009 – but that was because that economic slowdown was mainly caused by a collapsing real estate market and a meltdown in the mortgage market.

Posted on 04/03/2020

Coronavirus and Travel in the United States

Should I travel within the US?

CDC does not generally issue advisories or restrictions for travel within the United States. However, cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have been reported in all states, and some areas are experiencing community spread of the disease. Crowded travel settings, like airports, may increase the chances of getting COVID-19 if there are other travelers with coronavirus infection. There are several things you should consider when deciding whether it is safe for you to travel.

Posted on 03/25/2020

How to get answers you need about COVID-19 and travel

If you need to change or cancel a reservation, here are some helpful resources. Whether you’re a host or guest, many in our Airbnb community are understandably concerned about hosting or traveling right now. We know it’s taking longer than usual to get through to our community support team. Our team is helping as many hosts and travelers as they can, but we know how frustrating it is when you can’t get an answer right away.

Posted on 03/25/2020


Everyone’s thinking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) these days, media headlines are abuzz with the outbreak and there’s a lot of information, as well as a good deal of misinformation about the disease and what can be done to prevent it spreading and affecting our short-term rental industry. The health and wellbeing of our industry is our top priority, so we’ll be updating this page with the latest news related to the outbreak. Stay up-to-date with the development and the impact of the coronavirus on the vacation rental and short-term rental industry.

Posted on 03/25/2020


The health and well-being of our community and visitors is our highest priority.
While the Truckee community is reeling from business impacts due to COVID-19, we extend our deepest thoughts to our beloved visitors who have supported our tourism economy.


Tahoe Donner Vacation Home

Chamonix Tahoe Donner Retreat

Sleeps 9, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Access to all the World-Class amenities
530 582-5367